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Here at Richmond Vault we love our beer and we love cooking!

All our dishes are made with fresh ingredients on the premises by our team of experienced chefs, we also know that certain beers go best with different varieties of food which contribute to a truly amazing mixture of flavours.

So if you are looking for some good Beer / Food matches remember that:

  • Amber and Reds – Ribs and Beef Burger
  • Stouts – Cheese and Charcuterie
  • Porters – Roasted Meats, Pulled Pork
  • IPA – Spicy dishes
  • Bitters and Brown Ales – Hearty foods and Meaty Pizzas
  • Wheat Beers – Mussels, Light Starters and Salads
  • Pilsners – Burgers and Pizzas
  • Blonde and Golden – Spicy dishes and Pork
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